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LED on a breadboard

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    I wanna arrange LEDs on a breadboard want to glow SSUET entirely with LEDs.

    The problem is that I am unable to understand the accurate arrangements to make the circuit. All of my LEDs are not glowing at the same time.

    Can anyone plz explain me the procedure of designing of the circuit.
    I will be delighted for any help.
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    Post a circuit diagram so we can see what you already tried. You may also want to simulate your circuit using multisim or the like.
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    SSUET is a university in Karachi and you want to spell out SSUET with LEDs? Is that right?

    This will take a lot of LEDs.

    [PLAIN]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4222062/led%20display%202.PNG [Broken]

    I found this site:


    which seems to do a good job of working out these arrays. Click on the link to try it.

    I started with a supply of 20 volts and a voltage per LED of 3.5 volts for white LEDs.
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    Thanks a lot, let me try out

    You know this University ? !
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    You know this University ? !

    Sadly, no.
    I found it on Google, but I now know more about it than I did before.

    Unfortunately, we only ever see bad news stories from Pakistan, like earthquakes or train crashes, and all the good stuff stays inside your country. I would love to see Pakistan.

    Who was Sir Syed, the SS in SSUET?
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    you might have heard about the Aligarh Muslim University in India, which was the first University in the sub-continent of its kind.

    Sir Syed was the founder of that university is the 1890s and today, most of our experienced professors did their BS from there before going abroad for higher degree.

    The SSUET, of which I am a part, has been established by a group of Old Aligarh Students who are also in the administration.

    Pakistan is a great country, its just the media which exaggerates everything up !
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