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LED v. induction lights

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    What is in your opinion most promising technology -LED or induction light?
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    LED, low power with high output

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    What's an iinduction light?
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    Induction lights don't have any electrodes and so energy is induced via magnetic coupling.


    They have last for a very long time.

    Wow, one induction bulb cost around $50 bucks.

    http://www.lightbulbsusa.net/Induction/Value-Brand-15-Watt-Venus-Induction-Light-Bulb.asp?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=comparsionshopping&aff=5107 [Broken]
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    To follow up on OP, there has been much progress in LED technology. Recently it was announced that OLET leds are two times more efficient than OLED which are just hitting the market.

    Here is the article:

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