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LEDs for solar simulator

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    I want to make a solar simulator with LEDs. I want to get a net intensity of 1 Sun(1000 W/m^2). My LEDs have the following specifications:


    Luminous flux at 700 mA, 85°C* 1315 lm

    Radiant flux at 700 mA, 85°C 4113 mW

    1931 CIE color points at 700 mA, 85°C (0.4304, 0.4030)

    CCT at 700 mA, 85°C 3105 K

    Distance to detector: 200 mm
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    There are important differences between HPLED's light spectrum and solar sea level light spectrum
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    Yes. How can we tackle it? Are filters helpful?
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    I think it is a very challenging task if you want to be accurate, no matter what method and means you use.
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    A filter cannot supply the missing spectral lines in the light that comes out of an LED. LED's are designed to provide a 'sort of' match to the light of a black body radiator (tungsten filament or sunlight) using three or more LEDs, each of which will only produce a narrow band of wavelengths.

    It would all depend upon what you actually want from this 'simulator' and what the light will be used for.
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    jim hardy

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    Over how much area ?
    If we believe this
    That led puts out 0.4 watts of radiant energy... so one of them will illuminate .0004m^2 to that intensity, about a 2 cm square.


    Last time i looked into them white LED's used a phosphor to make "white" light from a UV led's emissions, much like a flourescent tube.
    Various phosphors make various shades of white....
    You might read up on "color temperature"
    because i notice your LED comes in various color temperatures

    Lastly, sunlight is about half infrared and your LED won't contain nearly that much. See its spectrum on the datasheets at Phillips.

    Those Luxeons are a grreat product. Beware of the cheap Chinese imitations, the ones i tried were disappointing.
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