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Leeds or Surrey?

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    Hi, I have offers from both Surrey (physics with medical physics) and Leeds (MPhys in medical physics). These are the best in physics according to the times good university guide that have this kind of program, but which should it be my firm choice? Since I live in Greece I don’t have so much close information.

    P.S my firm choice will be the one I will go to since the requirements are pretty low for me.
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    You'd probably have a more exciting student life in Leeds than Guildford (Surrey).

    Though Leeds is up-North and Guildford down-South... the latter would be my preference if it wasn't Guildford...

    For the night-life, pick Leeds.

    For the education... I have a few friends working in the Maths dept in Surrey -- they're all very good -- don't know about Physics...
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