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Medical Left and right handed

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    why some people are right handed and some left handed? if it's because of the side of brain that control their motions, why some people are left handed but right foot or vice versa?:confused:
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    It is the advancement of humans through evolution. Left-handers are not only surviving, but their numbers are on the increase. This clearly demonstrates that they are superior. They are also more intelligent, better-looking, get hotter dates and find more winning prizes under the caps of pop bottles.

    Befriend a lefty. Buy him lunch. It may just save your life one day.
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    Being right or left handed is genetically predetermined. Its a recessive inherited condition. Normally most of the time our dominant brain hemisphere is the left one, most of left handers also have a dominant left brain hemisphere. Its all in the genes.
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    When I make a post like that in the Biology or General Physics section I always get busted and my post gets deleted. Ha ha ha... this one time, I said people that are shorter, are shorter because the air pressure in their geographic location, is higher. Or just yesterday. Somebody asked about static and their hair, and their comb. I said "don't forget to take the batteries out of your comb." Bah! DELETE! :grumpy:
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