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Left vs. right brain (video)

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    It's probably been posted before, but I still find it interesting. I can easily switch between the two, but I saw it going clockwise first. I don't believe that this proves my iq is over 160 (I don't believe in iq tests anyway...)

    I'm going into engineering...I would assume most physics/engineers/mathematicians are left brained. Are their any studies on this?
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    I had no problems switching but my IQ is certainly NOT 160...
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    I can only see her going clockwise while looking at her, but when I look down to read something, I can see her going the other way in my peripheral vision.

    The reason I think I see her spinning clockwise is because of how I typically see dancers spin. Right leg out, they're spinning clockwise. Left leg out, they're spinning counter-clockwise.
    I'm always wary of simple "left brain, right brain" explanations for why you see something a certain way.
    I also like how they can assign an intelligence number to you based on your ability to switch her direction of spin. And it almost makes you a genius to boot.
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    Well, this is the internet so all of our IQs are well into the 200s.
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    leroyjenkens, when I see her switch directions, the leg that she is spinning on switches as well.
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    All I had to do to make her switch directions was to focus on the least complex part - the foot. Just imagined it spinning the other way, and sure, the rest of the body followed. My brain seems to prefer clockwise.

    Feels nice to know a random internet site considers me a genius, too.

    But... Shouldn't her directions then depend on which part in your field of vision she is in?

    After a minute or two of training, I can easily switch between directions at will. You just need to remember which way the parts go in 3D space.
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    No matter which way she spins, she's still spinning on her left leg with her right leg sticking out. If you only had a side view of her, you couldn't tell which leg it is. But since you have a front and back view as well, you see that it's the right leg sticking out. That can't change.
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    When she's spinning counterclockwise, it sure looks to me as if her right foot is on the ground and the left is sticking out, then the opposite in the clockwise direction.
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    This is really frustrating. I can see it both ways, but cannot consciously control it. I blink and it switches. Very odd.

    EDIT: actually I believe there is a glitch in the video and it actually changes orientation at a specific interval.
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    What a bummer, I have difficulty with this. Due to my knowledge of maths, however, I know that not seeing the switch does not imply my IQ is less than 160 :) The converse need not be true!
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    Everyone is left brained. Everything you think you are, all the things you tell yourself about yourself and the world, it all happens in the left hemisphere, the language hemisphere.

    Your right hemisphere can't speak and does not even know your name.

    This book by a woman who had most of her left hemisphere functions stripped away by a brain bleed is one of the most fascinating I've read about the left-right brain dichotomy:


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    This is not true. This is greatly oversimplified and far too black and white. It is a question of dominance, not iron-fisted rule.
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    I thought we knew exactly which regions of the brain are involved in different basic elements of language, mainly from studies of many people with small lesions in different parts of their brains. Have you read Pinker's book on language?
  15. Jun 8, 2010 #14
    Why do people become right brain dominant for language, Dave?
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    My middle brain just informed me she is not wearing any clothe :redface:
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    but i have extreme difficulty remembering names. even common words are sometimes difficult for me to recall. could it be that i am actually right-brain dominant?

    as for the lady, i was actually able to flip her back the other direction this time. i have no idea how, it usually doesn't happen. she seemed to just pause for a fraction, then went the other way. i also can't help but notice that she's naked. can anyone see her with clothes?

    edit: oh, i see cronxeh has my same masculine brain problem
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    I was actually able to slow her down at one point. Switching directions between counter and clockwise rotations is easy if you look between her leg and shadow. Unfortunately I can't do it on the whim because once I believe she is rotating one way, I see patterns that confirm that she is indeeed rotation in that direction.
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    Broca's Area and Wernicke's Area, both in the left hemisphere, are crucial to understanding and producing speech, including internal speech (thinking).
  20. Jun 8, 2010 #19
    I thought that the old "right brained/left brained" thing was more or less a myth?

    Here is the gif

    It does not switch around on you on its own. I was able to get my perception of its motion to switch by focusing on the extended leg and telling myself it was moving the other way.
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    I just look away for a second and look back and she's changed directions.
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    There's a huge difference between the hemispheres. The "myth" was that the left was 'logical' and the right 'intuitive, creative'.
  23. Jun 8, 2010 #22
    That was more or less my meaning. I know that there are parts of the brain responsible for certain activity, I only meant the idea that there are "left brained/right brained" people.
  24. Jun 8, 2010 #23
    No, that whole left/right brain personality thing was a myth. What's ironic is how all the creative types who called themselves "right-brained" were speaking from the left hemisphere.
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    It's not as localized to a specific side of the brain as Zooby suggests.

    They do. I'm not saying there's nothing to it; I'm simply saying you've painted too black and white an image of it. The brain compartmentalizes less than you suggest.

    Your right hand is controlled by your left brain. Same with eyes. You right brain tends to be dominant with creative tasks, your left with language. But dominance is not the same as "completely responsible for".

    That would be your lower brain. :devil:
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    Interesting. I found it really easy to control her direction of spin.

    Also, I could prevent her from going round. Just focus on the swinging foot, and tell yourself it's always at the forefront, ie, always in front of the other foot, and never goes behind it. Viola !

    She's swinging away nonchalantly .. always facing you .. what a honey !
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