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Legal cases and the tax-payer's money

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    I received a notice today that after a two-year dispute, the city owes me a refund of $2.63 in sales tax. I realize this is just my share of what is owed to all citizens of the city, and I understand the need for accountability, but I wonder how much the two-year dispute cost the residents of my city. Crazy, if not frivolous cases are heard every day—here a few more recent examples:

    The Guy’s Drinking Went To Her Head
    Sally Hampton, 64, testified in February against the man who hit her with a beer bottle in a brawl last year in Immokalee, Fla., sending him to a 12-year sentence, but in the interim, Hampton has been recovering from brain surgery. As doctors examined her after the attack, they discovered and treated an unrelated tumor that they would not have found in time had she not received the beer-bottle concussion.

    Now here is a REAL loss:

    It Took Them 7 Years To Decide She’s Incompetent?
    Iowa officials declined to award unemployment benefits to Barbara J. Dutton, who was fired in 1998 for incompetence by the 12-employee Smart Industries of Des Moines. According to the state, the company got it exactly right. Dutton was the supply clerk and had ordered 16,000 Bic pens, $4,600 worth of Post-It notes, and $14,000 worth of Scotch tape, among other things, totaling $230,000 over 18 months, before they caught her, and absolutely no corruption or skimming was involved. She said it just took her a while to realize that the company didn't need that much stuff.
    http://desmoinesregister.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050325/NEWS01/503250380/1001/NEWS [Broken]
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    "Sally Hampton, 64, testified in February against the man who hit her with a beer bottle in a brawl last year..." Now that's an acheivemnt--being in a bar brawl at the age of 63!


    Mmmm, Grolsch, that IS a shame... :frown:
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