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Legalized pot?

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    Hey mon, I'm no square, but I just browsed an article in the Seattle times about the new protocol to make pot available to the masses. I live in Washington state, and the thought that I could pick up an ounce of "Crype" with my sixpack of Bud light (they're talking about selling it at liquor store-like outlets) is just outright bizarre. I haven't "partaken" much in the last decade, but through college and some ways into my thirties I was a recreational user and flew the "legalize it" flag like everyone else. But now that it's actually happening, I don't know. It just doesn't seem right. I mean, I think people should be able to acquire it in some legal manner and use it in their own home, but the mass marketing and public usage aspect of it is kind of unsettling.

    Am I just getting old and square, or are there others that share my unease?

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    jim hardy

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    Wow Dirac...

    Life is lived forward and understood backward,
    We're seeing now the fruits of our "Cheech and Chong" years,
    idolizing escapism.
    Ever listen to the words of "Margaritaville" , IMHO the penultimate escape song ?
    By the last stanza he's taking responsibility.

    I and lots of my friends are right here with you:
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    In Maine, pot used for medicinal purposes is legal. It appears that wider legalization may be on the way, too. I am not against that, since enforcement of pot laws and incarceration of minor offenders is a very expensive proposition, as in much of the country. At some point, we (US citizens) should face our legal system fairly and re-examine the basis for our drug laws. Just IMO, but I think many legal scholars would concur.
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    Marijuana and gay marriage are two things that are inevitably going to be legalized nationwide, it's just there's so many stubborn people who don't mind going down with the ship to retard it as long as possible.
    They are people who either have the wrong idea about it, or don't have any idea about it, and just don't care because it's not their problem.
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    My new anthem!

    ps. I don't care for pot. Half a toke, and I'm out of it. I mean, like, asleep.
    They can hang it next to the Nyquil.
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    A recent side-effect of the ban on maurijuana is that folks are smoking other more dangerous stuff like K2 and bath salts to avoid failing drug tests. Supposedly they are like mj but more potent. In reality no one knows what is really in the K2 packets sold.These designer drugs cause extreme paranoia in the user that is very difficult to treat and is very hard on family trying to help.
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