Legendre Polynomials

  1. To show that two Legendre polynomials(Pn and Pm) are orthogonal wht is the test that i have to use?

    is it this?
    [tex] \int_{-1}^{1} P_{n}(x)P_{m}(x) dx = 0 [/tex]

    in that case to prove that P3 and P1 are orthogonal i have to use the above formula??
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    What is the definition of "orthogonal" in this case?
  4. you can also use rodriguez formula for this
  5. legendre polynom in three dimension

    does anyone know the rule to obtain a general [tex]P^n[/tex] Legendre Polynomial in three dimension?

  6. sorry, I wronged:the rule to obtain the general [tex]P_n[/tex] Legendre Polynomial
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