Legendre Polynomials

  1. Hey there, does anyone know where I could find a list of Legendre Polynomials? I need them of the order 15 and above, and I haven't been able to find them on the net.
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  3. Well you could use the recursion formulae. I haven't seen them listed too high anywhere.
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    You can get them out of Mathematica, or something like that. If you don't have access to it, tell me exactly what you want to know.
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    Does not the Rodrigues' formula eventually give you coefficients of the terms ?
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    Here's the 14th order:
    [tex]-\left( \frac{429}{2048}
    \right) +
    \frac{45045\,x^2}{2048} -
    \frac{765765\,x^4}{2048} +
    \frac{4849845\,x^6}{2048} -
    {2048} +
    {2048} -
    {2048} +
    Aren't I nice?
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