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    I want one! ... well maybe not for 2000 euro:

    http://sascha.mehlhase.info/media/ATLAS%20LEGO%20model/2011-11-10%2010-21-41%20ATLAS%20LEGO%20model.jpg [Broken]

    http://sascha.mehlhase.info/media/ATLAS%20LEGO%20model/2011-11-08%2011-06-31%20ATLAS%20LEGO%20model.jpg [Broken]

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    That's pretty sweet. Wouldn't mind having one if it was cheaper.
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    I used to drive past the Lego US headquarters in CT on my way to East Longmeadow, MA to get to the home office of my employer. It's a bit odd. The headquarters is pretty impressive, but it's right across the road from a medium-security prison.
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    Wow! Okay, do NOT tell my boyfriend about this! Ever! He's bad enough with the expensive Star Trek Lego sets.
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    I have one just like it in my basement only larger and with a tube that attaches to the wall. I followed the tube and found it leads to a tunnel that goes on for miles. The worst thing is that since I first noticed it, small household items have been disappearing out of thin air as if they had been sucked into another dimension.
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