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Lego motivational

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    Went to the attic and found these. It felt as a shot of nostalgia, reminding me not to grow up and to stay curious.

    Any other lego fans?
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    Sure! How couldn't I? The best toy for building creativity and imagination I ever saw. But I'm more a fan of a big box of many different bricks than I am of building a given model of, e.g. the space shuttle.
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    "You're too old to play with legos." is one thing I'm never going to tell my children. I really don't know or remember why I used to think that.

    Improved the setup a little :)
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    Legos are awesome. And they really are the best toy out there. I still play with them when I've got nothing more productive to do :oldsmile:. I agree that a big box of bricks is better than the sets, but the sets come with unique pieces. I like to google search "fancy houses" and duplicate them with legos.

    Actually, you can use legos to make practical things around the house, as well. I've got a pencil jar on my desk made of legos, for example.
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    Hmm, now that's an idea.
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    I once saw lego logic gates. They had one or two Technic axles sticking out one side, and you could shove them in for 1 and pull them out for 0. One axle on the other side moved in or out as a NOT, OR, AND, etc gate. There was too much slack in the system to chain them together, but in principle you could build a lego digital computer...
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    Legos are one of the most fun things I have ever played with, I remember making a basic single cylinder pneumatic piston engine some years ago and I felt pretty proud of myself. These NXT creations put it to shame though. :)
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