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Leisure Books to Read

  1. Jun 11, 2005 #1
    i never read any books(outside of schoolwork) before, so im trying to read 1 book from each classic author(then i would choose my favourite author). i am trying to choose the order in which to read the books. and so far i have only 3 authors, but i'll soon order more from the amazon so after the first 3, i dont know in what sequence to proceed.
    1. Maugham-Razor's Edge- almost finished and the book is great.
    2. Graham Greene- 3rd man and the fallen idol
    3. Theodore Dreiser- Sister Carrie

    4. Colleen McCulough- Indecent Obsession (because it's only 336pages)
    5. Margaret Mitchell- Gone with The Wind (1000 pages)
    6. Archibald Cronin -Citadel (366pages)
    7. Dumas-Count of Monte Christo (1000+ pages)
    8. Sinclair Lewis- Arrowsmith (440p)
    9. Dickens- Tale of 2 cities
    10. Faulkner- Sound and Fury

    So my goals are to improve my reading comprehension and so i have more things to discuss with people, but these 10 books are in total about 5000 pages, and i'll probably only read about 2500pages before the school starts, so i need the correct order! thanks
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    read the one that sounds most interesting. repeat after finishing that one. i also have a big mountain of books that sit there unread but since i know it will all be interesting i just pick one & read it.
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