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Homework Help: Lenght to volume conversions

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    Hey guys, I have a question. I understand conversion units but how does one convert from Length to volume.

    Example. convert 12.7m to cubic inches? If I am thinking correctly you convert m to m^3 by cubing 12.7 which becomes 2048.4m^3. Is that right? I then find to conversion factor for m to cm right? 1 m = 100cm do I then cube the 100cm like so: 100^3cm^3 Next, I now cube the conversion factor of 1in to cm right?
    Is this taking me into the right direction?
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    Is that complete statement of the problem?
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    yes, convert 12.7m to cubic inches.
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    That would be right if you were asked to find the volume of a cube of side 12.7m, in terms of cubic inches.
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