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Length of extension pf spring

  1. Sep 9, 2009 #1
    Consider a sping of length, L m and spring constant K N/m. If a force of F N is applied, we will expect the spring to be extended by x m. So The variables(F,K,x) can be combined to formed an equation, known as the hookes law i.e F=Kx. Does the length of spring have any effect on the extension?
    Let say if i have the same spring, but now of length 2L, will the extension of the spring caused by the same force, F still remains at x?
    Please help me in clarifying this concept =( thx
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    Doc Al

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    You can't have the same spring with a different length. Note that the spring constant is a property of the entire spring, not just the material.

    Perhaps you are thinking of what happens when you attach two springs in series? Will the same force produce the same stretch as with a single spring? What is the spring constant of the two-spring system? (Try and figure out what happens, given what you know about how a single spring works.)
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