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Lenovo Server Data?

  1. Sep 25, 2009 #1
    I am looking for thermal power dissipation data on Lenovo servers. A lot of the big companies like Dell and HP have Energy Star Power and Performance Data Sheets like this:


    I cannot for the life of me find anything like this for Lenovo Servers. They claim to have servers that meet E Star requirements, but they don't seem to back up the claims (at least publicly).

    I specifically need the info under "Thermal Information" (i.e. airflow at delta T, power dissipation as a function of loading, etc...)

    Anyone have any ideas to collect this data?

    You would think that they would want this stuff to be accessible.
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    I know it might seem like a silly question but - have you asked them? if they can't/won't provide the data - you've at least eliminated them them as a potential supplier!
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