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Lens 1.0 - the decision of the problems on optical lens

  1. Mar 12, 2008 #1
    "Lens 1.0" - the decision of the problems on optical lens

    Good day!
    I present you my program "Lens 1.0":
    Quick and light way of the decision of the problems on optical lens.
    Calculation of the following values and features of the thin lens:
    - a focal length,
    - a distances from the lens to the image,
    - a distances from the object to the lens,
    - a height of the object,
    - a height of the image,
    - a magnification of the lens.
    The Calculation of an unknown values for convex lenses and for concave lenses.

    Download (183 kb): http://maxxx.ucoz.ru/lens_1_0.rar" [Broken]

    The program is written on Visual Basic 6.0.

    I shall pleased hear any reviews, advices, critic.

    Yours truly, Maxim
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