Lens design

  1. please suggest some good references for lens design.

    i wish to start from scratch..
    i am a complete amateur in this field.
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    You'll have to narrow down the topic a lot: are you *making* lenses? are you designing an optical system (and for what purpose)? Do you have access to design software (Zemax, etc.)?
  4. I intend to work in the field of designing optical systems..
    I do have access to OSLO and Zemax.. but I need to obtain a tutorial in that as well, although the manuals are a great help but I guess a training session is essential.
    It'd b great if u could also suggest training courses for the same.
  5. Guess you will also need some basic optical design books from Laikin, Kingslake

    Also About Practical Computer-Aided Lens Design by Gregory Hallock Smith is almost a must if you are using Zemax
  6. Hmm. I think it's very difficult to learn 'optical system design'. There are many different types of optical system, and you can probably spend a long time learning just one type.

    To begin with you can get away with paraxial approximations. I'd suggest looking at some catalogues (Melles Griot, Thor Labs, Newport). These often have a bit of theory and also show the bits of kit that are usually available.

    Once you've done that try solving some simple problems like collimating light from an optical fibre and imaging something with a specific magnification. Ensure that you can buy the optics for this, to ensure you are designing realistic systems.
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