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Lens Flare within eye

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    Hey I've been looking around about lens flare's within the eye. well not necessarily lens flares, but the category it falls under and what exactly is it. Just wondering if anyone here know's where I can find it or tell me what exactly it is and causes it. Basically when I look at street light's (white street lights) I can see purple ring around it, or if I see like yellow street lights or pole lights, I can see the particles scatter around it. Been searching for a while, but nothing really on it.


    Kinda like something like this.
    I also see it mostly when I don't sleep or on some sort of drug (makes it stand out more than usual)
    I'm not really looking for answers such as glaucoma or stuff like that, just the science or physics behind it.

    Like I used to go on walks alot and listen to music just to clear my toughts, and just observe and I'm guessing it might be your unconscious viewing the light in a whole new perspective, Cause light's are not light's from the way I view them anymore, It's more like energy, Or perhaps and observing adaption. The more you focus on the light the more you start to see. (repeat)

    If you start out seeing a light see like a halo type ring form,
    Then the more you observe it you see halo within a halo,
    Then you can start seeing from far away, rainbow type spectrum within the halo's,
    Then you see the particles.

    I can also let's say stare at a white wall, while in a meditative state and put my attention (not actually think) on the color blue, the wall starts turning blue, and the more I focus, The stronger it gets.

    This is a better view of it.



    ^^ This one's more of the particle type I'm trying to explain about. Except for the particles surround the light in a circle or oval type pattern, and their's alot... Stand's out quite a bit.
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    What category do you guys think this falls under? I've been searching forever and can't find it. It's more aware when I haven't slept for a while, or was in a deep trance, or on some sort of stimulant.
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    A good friend has had radial keratotomy (and regrets it) and has star-like flares at night. Simpler flares can be due to astigmatism, while others can be due to blockages/distortions caused by cataracts. I suggest you get your eyes looked at by an ophthalmologist (not an optometrist). They are trained to recognize physical/medical conditions that optometrists can miss. Good luck.
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    My vision is Great, for some reason I feel as though it may be better than most, i love the beauty nature, looking at the textures, movements, reflections, energy. An ophthalmologist might be a bit too expensive for me atm though, so Imma take my chances and hope for the good. If there is a problem. Thanks
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