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Lens problem missing one idea

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    Hey guys.
    I have a lens problem:
    A lens has a power of 300 dipoters, and a radius a of 2 mm. An object is located just beyond the focal length to get high magnification. The space between the object is filled oil with an index of refraction 1.4. Estimate the resolution for 500 nm light.

    Ok.. getting started..
    I know the resolution formula is: R=(0.61*lambda)/n*sine(theta)

    Where theta is the angle between the R vector and the axis of the lens. So to find theta, i need to either solve for R, or s (distance between the object and the lens), and use trig to solve for the angle.
    But i'm seeming to run into dead ends... basically using modified lens formulas that ask for the image distance and such.
    any ideas?
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    Has anyone ever answered any questions on here
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    These are practice problems.When you are solved, I move them to the homework forums.
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