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Homework Help: Lens problems

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    1) Aconverging lens with a focal length of 7 cm forms an image of a 4 mm tall real object that is to the left of the lens. The image 1.10 cm tall and erect.
    Where is the object located?
    Where is the image located?
    2) A converging lens with a focal length of 12 cm forms a virtual image 5 mm tall, 19 cm to the right of the lens.
    Determine the position of the object. (Give the object distance with the correct sign).
    Determine the size of the object.
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    Doc Al

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    You'll need the lens equation: 1/f = 1/o + 1/i, and the definition of linear magnification: m = -i/o.

    Look up how these equations are used and give the problems a try.
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    There is a good simulation program picture what about it
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