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Lense flare / halo

  1. Jun 25, 2007 #1
    I was wondering - if I were to photograph (or look at) a bright source of light in full vaccum, would I see a halo around the light source, or any other lense flares? If so, does it form purely due to the lense optics, or are there some other contributing effects?
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    Lens flares, as the name implies, are from the lens itself. There are other similar effects seen in the atmosphere due to reflection off dust and or water dropplets, refraction, etc.
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    ok, so if I neglect the lense distortions, and assume a vacuum (hence no scattering), then I should see no halo? Just the bright surface of the light itself?
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    Well, unless you have truly excellent vision (particularly no astigmatism), you can't trust your own eyes either.
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