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Homework Help: Lenz's Law and coil of wire

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    A bar magnet is dropped from rest through the centre of a coil of wire which is connected to a resistor and datalogger.

    The resistor and datalogger are to the left in the diagram, and the coil on the right side.

    Add an arrow to the wire to show the direction of the induced current as the magnet falls towards the coil.

    The arrow is drawn going towards the datalogger side (left side) i.e. anti clockwise.

    How is this worked out?
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    First and foremost, the key is in what Lenz's Law states.
    Ponder over what Lenz's law says - and try to apply it to the situation here.
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    So a current is induced upwards, and that goes anti clockwise?
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    Is anyone able to tell me were lenz's law would occur in an automotive situation
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