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Leo Tolstoy: A Confession

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    Leo Tolstoy: A Confession

    Has anyone read this piece? I believe i only have an excerpt, and it begins with the words Although I regarded authorship as a waste of time..." and ends in, "...i saw that that was life itself and that the meaning given to this life was truth, and i accepted it."

    What are your opinions of this? Please share, im very much interested.
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    From that he seems to have a strong oppinion in that holding on to truth is the biggest thing you can achieve for. He put this ideal before his personal feelings on his results.
    That he was trying to find meaning and if what he did was of good. The thing that made it good was the Truth.
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    Greatly said pace. I am assuming you haven't read the whole piece though? Am i correct?

    I believe Tolstoy also emphasizes the need for faith. He feels faith is what will guide us into the right direction, and without faith, we are better of dead. You see, faith is what holds human nature together; without it, we become lost, mislead, and ultimately morally dead in the soul.

    Anyone else willing to share?
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    I think the thing is the realization of Faith. That we cannot know, so we must admit that this is what we're have. Kinda being realistic.

    Thanks! And you are correct.
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