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Leonids 2003 Tonight (Atlantic Coast)/Statistical Study

  1. Nov 18, 2003 #1
    Hello everyone. The Leonid Meteor shower is tonight for those people near the Atlantic coast of the United States. For the story check out www.spaceweather.com I'm not sure how good this years shower is going to be but hopefully we'll get somewhat of a show, and of course clear dark skies are also helpful. :smile:

    Also I'm going to attempt doing a statistical study on the meteor shower, if weather permits, as part of a project for a stats class. I'm going to be looking at meteors per hour over a time frame right around the peak time for observation near where I live in Florida. The peak times for selected cities are displayed in a table on a link at www.spaceweather.com If anyone lives near the Atlantic coast and is planning on attempting to view the meteor shower would you be so kind as to keep a tally of when you see a meteor and at what time. You only have to observe for about an hour right around the peak time for observation. For instance the peak time for Miami Florida is 2:30 AM November 19. I’ll be watching if weather permits from about 2:00 to 3:00 AM and recording the activity I see over that time frame. It would be greatly appreciated and the data collected would go into the statistical study. If you're interested let me know. The more people in the study the better the results.
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