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Lepton clouds

  1. Aug 30, 2003 #1
    heres another theory of mine: i believe there are invisble clouds sort of like black matter and black holes rolled into 1.i believe this is wat threw plutos orbit off. these clouds have a superposition of states in time rather than the physical universe. as it travels through time it will hit a glitch every once in awhile. these glitches of course are when the clouds are hit by photons gamma rays etc. now the clouds are pulled out of the fabric of time creating a short and pwoerful warp pulling everything nearby towards it because it wants to get back into time and to do so the clouds have to gather more leptons and a lot of energy. as a lepton enters and becomes one with the cloud a sort of energy burst is given to the rest of the cloud. so all the surrounding leptons are pulled in by the cloud makin it bigger and when it reaches the point where it has enough energy it spews exponential amounts of used leptons out creating a sort of portal for the unused leptons in the fabric of time.

    crazy?? nah im just workin my way to bein a theoretical physicist. gimme your ideas on my theory
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    Leptons are either neutrinos or charged particles. Neutrinos hardly interact with anything and move to fast to form clouds. The charged particles other than electrons or positrons decay fast. Electrons and positrons kill each other. If there were an excess of one or the other it would dissipate very rapidly, since like charges repel. The net result is that there aren't lepton clouds.
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    wat i meant was virtual particle clouds(cough cough)
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    All of space is filled with virtual particles. The properties of the vacuum are defined by them. In particular, dark energy (which makes up, according to current theory, about 70% of the stuff of the universe) is connected to this. The theory is somewhat fuzzy - it is on the frontier of current research. However, no clouds!
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