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Homework Help: Leslie Cube (still)

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    sorry, this was my question from yesturday, and now my assignment is due tomorrow. anyone have any help for me?

    A Leslie cube has a surface temp of 97C. One of its four side faces has an area of 100 cm^2 and is painted black. Calculate:

    a) the wavelength at which the spectral intensity (per unit wavelength) is a maximum

    b)the total intensity (all wavelengths) of the emitted radiation just outside the surface

    C) the total power emitted by the black surface

    for a) i used lambda=2.9*10^-3/T (not sure if this is the correct way of doing it)

    for b) i wanted to use Stefan's Law but this seems to simple

    for c) i multiplied the answer from b) by the area of the four sides.

    does any of this sound correct? i seem to be struggling on this topic

    also, in Planck's energy density equation, what exactly is the spectral energy density? is it also known as anything else? thanks.
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    You did the problem wery well,all three points of it... :smile:

    The volumic spectral energy density (given by Planck's law) has the significance of the thermal radiation/unit of volume in one domain/interval of frequency chosen equal to unity...

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    One more thing to point a) of the problem.I sincerely hope u converted the Celsius degrees into Kelvin ones... :uhh:

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    thanks for your input on this. glad to here i did it correctly, and of course i converted to kelvin, thanks for the heads up though
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