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Let me introduce myself

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    Hey everyone,
    Just saying hello. Been reading the threads here for awhile and boy, am I impressed. Hopefully I can add something to the conversation.
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    Welcome to PF, gramero!
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    Hello gramero. Welcome to PF.
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    Though these two distinguished gentlemen have more posts than me,i'm 'older' and in the name of the '2003 generation',lemme say:

    We're waiting to share our knowledge with you and hopeful you share your knowledge with us... :smile:

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    My I say that fun is not from how many posts but what you post.

    I bid you a warm welcome and ask that you wipe your shoes before you enter next time please. I don't know. :rofl:

    Anyway I am 'The Bob' and you are likely to find a lot of good people here that you can forum with. It is the place to be of a night.

    Welcome once more. :smile:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    Welcome to PF. :smile:
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    Welcome, gramero!! The key to the washroom is hanging on the wall next to the washroom door (down the hall). Would you like a cup of coffee? :biggrin: That seems to be the beverage of choice around here... :rofl:
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    Coffee...no booze is more common, rum in particular, especially brita filtered cheap rum.

    Welcom, Hola, Howdy, yo. Enjoy the place, try not to clean up my mess too much. I need my creative chaos.
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    Welcome aboard! Ha! I think I'm the 'oldest' of the replies so far!
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