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Let me tell u a problem

  1. Aug 24, 2003 #1
    There are three guys who go to a motel. They ask for a room, and the owner of the motel receives to them $30. After, when the three guys are at the room, the owner remember that room is only $25, so, he calls to the bellboy and say: "Give that $5 to the three guys". But tomorrow is his girlfriend's birthday, so the bellboy take $2 and only gives $3 to the three guys.

    In the beginnig, each one had paid $10, but the bellboy has give them $1 to each one, so, they have paid $9 each one, and the bellboy has the $2, so... $9 + $9 + $9 + $2 = $29

    So, what's happend with that last dollar?

    (it is a stupidity, I know it):smile:
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    The bellhop shortchanged the three guys by two dollars.
    Divide the two dollars among the 3 guys and you get sixty-seven cents each. Add the sixty-seven cents to the one dollar previously returned to each guy and you get one dollar sixty-seven cents times 3, which equals five dollars. Subtract the five dollars from the thirty dollars originally paid and you get the revised rate of twenty-five dollars.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The key is that we are counting the bellhop twice.

    The bill is: 9 + 9 + 9 - 2 = 25
    plus 2 for the bellhop makes 27.

    The "plus two for the bellhop" is the hook.
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    You have win trhee adimensional-points!!

    You have your first block to make a triangle!!

    (silly joke, I know)
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