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Let's all dance together

  1. Oct 12, 2009 #1
    Let's all dance together :)

    Thrill the world: worldwide simultaneous dance of MJ's Thriller on this oct 25th.
    http://www.thrilltheworld.com/events/info/thrill_the_world_2009/official_events [Broken]

    Can we all PFers meet here? I plan to go for it. This could be my only way to get into a Guinness record.
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    Re: Let's all dance together :)

    hi newbie here...

    i would love to dance..MJ is my idol...but that would be impossible...am here in the philippines.
    http://www.waterfeatures.co.uk" [Broken]
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    Re: Let's all dance together :)

    Sounds intersting! wl59i9.gif
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