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Let's go to Plastic Money!

  1. Jan 3, 2004 #1
    You go to the store, make a purchase, proceed to pay and what does the clerk do? They take out a pen and "mark" your twenty, or ten, etc. Makes you feel like a criminal. Plastic money? HMMMM, I am not really a fan of it. It is easier in some respects using your debit card, etc. The problem there is it seems no two debit machines are alike; they don't all work the same way. What happened to standardization? How about a pocket full of coins? Well, in reality, they are mostly copper, not really worth what they say they are. I hate to say it but I see the day of the implanted chip coming. The mark of the beast????
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    Implanted chips? Yeah, I can see that.
    You walk to the counter to pay for your stuff, and the clerk picks up a scanner and tells you to "bend over."
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