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Lets suppose that God does exist

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    That does not mean she cares about humans or human affairs. Just like we humans do not show any emotion or feelings for the Apple II since we have developed computers far superior to the Apple II personal computer that run and perform algorithms faster and have better graphics. The apple II made life easier for humans to operate at the time of its introduction to the public because things like spreadsheets were easier to create compared to creating a spreadsheet with pencil and paper.

    the evolution of computers is analogous with the evolution of species(or speciation). Just as old computers are thrown aside or kept as a novelty item , so are old species who are replace with new species with higher intelligence. When I say thrown aside, I mean they are no longer the dominate species on the planet who would been able to maximize all of the Earth's natural resources for their own personal benifit. Just like the dinosaurs were replaced by small mammals that were easily able to adapt to the changing environment on earth. With time , a newer species will evolved and we will be dethroned as the dominate species on earth. God is our computer engineer. She sees us as mere machines to be replaced by better performing machines. I do not think she sees us as equals or children.
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    God probably has more important worlds to look after. Humans are very bad designs. Might have been the alpha stage for a new product.
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    We will never understand the mind of a non-human thinking being as long as we keep assuming it thinks like a human.

    Do you think your dog will ever understand why you watch the football game? A TV does not meet any of the three F's* in a dog's reality.

    * friend, foe or food
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    Wonder if dogs worship humans like a god? I mean, bringer of food, shelter and water.
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    I wish I could visualize that kind of industry.
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    Can you explain why we are bad designs and what is a good design?
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    There are monumental errors in the design of the human body - who puts a sewage pipe in a recreational area? Who would risk making humans choke to death every time they eat or drink something? The human eye is upside down and backwards. The lens gets harder to focus as it gets older and the lens clouds. Humans fall over all the time, have a bunch of pointless organs and things that have no function.

    Let's face it - we are an experiment gone wrong.
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    We are not machines.God loves us.
    Do you like a better performing machine more than human?
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    If God loves us, then why didn't he give us better functioning survival machines? I'd tell you, it is a sick experiment gone wrong. The stable release version of us probably lives in a parallel Universe or something.
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    Do you mean angel is the stable release version of us ?
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    Please read the PF Guidelines regarding religious posts. Such threads are opened at your own risk.

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