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Let's talk network load balancing .

  1. Apr 19, 2004 #1
    Let's talk network load balancing.....

    I'll spare the details, but among other things, I'm looking to get two 100Mb NICs setup in a local server with some means of loadbalancing. I know 2k server advanced and datacenter has NLB from MS, but I'm only running basic server on this machine.

    Any third party options? thanks!
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    Let's clarify. Load balancing options for win2k server.
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    You can go to shareware.com and search for load balancing software. There are a few nice 3rd party packages but they are expensive. I would not recommend implementing a freeware version of NLB on a production server.

    Windows Server 2003 Standard edition supports NLB out of the box. You could easily end up investing more money into a 3rd party solution for Win2000 than you would invest upgrading to Win2003 Standard edition.
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