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Let's tell stories!

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    I find so many stories so interesting on here that I thought I'd start a thread where we tell each other our funny/interesting stories from life. They don't have to follow a common theme, just let loose about something!

    Preferably at least a few paragraphs in length. If it's just a paragraph about how you got 5 dollars on the sidewalk and how you spent it or the like, you will immediately be absorbed into the cosmic unconsciousness and a Dude will comment on how you really tie the room together (you're a rug now). +1 Like if your story has a moral :D

    I'd start but most of my great stories are NSFW from my nurse aide/walmart days, and would probably need permission from an admin before I post them. If I think of something clean I'll post it later.
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    Being creative is the purpose of life itself. At some point in your life, like a switch, you will feel the need to create. Do not resist. You must tell your story, it will be for yourself until complete. It may be words or art or music and it will mean a lot to you. Others will not be interested but it is ok to try to get others involved if that helps them become creative.
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    I'll share a story from a football game I attended that I find to be a tad funny.

    I went to a Stampeders-Roughriders game a few years ago with my girlfriend, whom I wasn't seeing at the time, and who happens to be a huge Riders fan. I naturally cheer for my hometown Stamps (this is the Canadian Football League for those who aren't aware). The Riders have a widespread fanbase, and a large percentage of McMahon stadium will appear to be green during the games they come to town. I happened to end up in a particularly green section of the stadium, and the group sitting next to me was accosting me all game. The person right next to me in particular was rather abrasive and invasive of my space. Clearly intoxicated, I was rudely reminded every time the Riders scored or made a play.

    With about a minute to go, the Riders scored to take the lead, and this man was all over me, yelling and grabbing at me asking if I was having fun yet. He thrust his beer into the air in my direction, spilling on me. I was annoyed, but I didn't show it, and I kept my cool. Games not over yet.

    Stamps take the kickoff and drive down field. We score with about ten or fifteen seconds left. The home crowd roars, as do I. I look to my right to see how dejected this hardcore fan must feel.

    He's sound asleep, having had far too much to drink. Head slumped in his chest, he has no idea his team has lost in the last seconds. I hate to see such things happen in public and wanted to make sure he was okay, but there was a slight sense of satisfaction from seeing him silenced in such fashion.

    I helped his friends collect him and his things. They were much more considerate and sportsmanlike once the game had ended. I suppose the moral of the story is to drink responsibly.
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    The Goddess

    She seduced me when I was very young. I didn't realize what was happening, I just knew it felt good and I wanted more of it. The feelings she stirred in me woke something that had been asleep and caused a fire to burn in me that I had no desire to put out.

    She was with me for years after that first fateful encounter, keeping me company and giving me rushes of passion and excitement at unexpected times. I never knew when she would play a new game with me, but it was always a welcome event when she was especially good at her own skills.

    As I grew up I wondered if other guys had such an interesting private life and I found that by listening to them I could tell which ones did. They'd name drop when the other boys were around, and sometimes there would be fierce arguments, or worse, as her.

    As I matured I came to know aspects of her that she'd kept from my immature person, things that were so powerful and had such pure love and lust that I wept when they were revealed to me. I learned that she'd had great lovers before my time, and that they'd shown their love in amazing ways.

    She was with me in spirit when I was in the dark places I've visited, whispering old delights into my ears and mind. She kept me sane, did my lady love, Music.
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