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Letters of rec

  1. Apr 20, 2006 #1
    Most schools in North America need letters of recomendation, do international students need to also submit them?

    4 schools I will apply: Canada's UBC (Yeah-- Vanqver -- I like citi libraries, so many, really like it). Michigan State, Sandiego, Berkeley. (I will add or omit some after you give me more advice. I like a gene pool with diversity to be admitted, straight before me the fact of life, we are human.)

    What do you think ?
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    The rules for admission do not distinguish between international and non-international students other than legal, visa matters. So if letters of recomendations are required, they are required no matter who you are.

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    More or less, yes. International students usually pay bigger application fee, which is at UBC something like $120 for int. students - that's why I brought it up. Not that only this fee is relativiley (or ridiculouslly) high (considering other schools), they also have minimum for subject GRE which is 850, which is a really unique case as far as I can tell. So, Eddie, keep in mind these numbers :smile: .
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