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Letters of Recommendation

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    I wasn't planning on doing masters when i started university so i never worked on building up relations with my profs. I graduated six months ago and now that I've seen the industry a little and where it might take me in the following years i really want to do a masters. I keep reading any letter of recommendation but a very very good one will just lower my chances and I'm not sure i can get one that good. I'm feeling quite desperate. What should I do ?
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    I'd ask your old professors anyway, & explain the situation a bit. They'd probably still be more than happy to write you a recommendation. Perhaps it won't compare to someone with whom they developed a close relationship, but really what else can you do but try? I've seen some very intelligent people not go anywhere just because they fear getting rejected...

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is just try & see what happens. Maybe take the GREs, if you do well enough, a good GPA & good scores is always a plus.
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    I am definitely going to try. In case thing doesn't work out though will getting into a research program be easier than masters ?
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    As long as the letter doesn't say "he's horrible, don't take him", it's unlikely to ever lower your chances. Also, recs count for a lot less in masters programs 'cause they don't provide funding. Basically, recs matter so much in the phd game 'cause the school's investing money in you and wants some assurance you're somewhat up to par. Since you're paying your own way in a masters program, grades carry more weight. Also, some masters programs let you use recs from industry.
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    That's great news, thanks.
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