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Letters of Recommendation

  1. Oct 4, 2012 #1
    I'm worried about not havin the strongest sources of letters when I am applying to graduate school. I'm wanting to apply in math. I have one math prof that I know can write me a strong one. We have such a small department though, just 3 profs. One professor is so spastic and odd that I'm not sure of what he thinks about me at all or if he would even tell me that he couldn't write me a strong letter. The last one sees me as a bit lazy at times. This was my fault though, during her stats class, it was obvious how little interest I had. In the physic's department one professor would have been great at one point.... However he has all but disowned me as a student since I decided I want to pursue math at the graduate level thus not taking on extra research classes in physics in exchange for directed study courses in math. The only other prof in the department has yet to get strong results from me. In fact, he has the worst grades for all the physic's majors. Including one who got accepted to the University of Maryland in College Park with a research assistant position first year on campus. The only one I have left is a philosophy professor that could write me a great one, but I'm not sure how good that looks to a grad school for math. From what I described, what professors sound like the most attractive candidates for letters? At this point I only got one for sure.
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