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News Letters to America

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    I found an interesting site that allows people from all over the world to write to Americans and share their political views.

    I found these two quite interesting :biggrin:

    but you may find ones that suit you better here:

    http://www.earthtoamerica.org/letters.php?whatpage=Next&page=0 [Broken]

    (This link is to page two - page one contains mostly letters from the USA)
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    It's nice to see real dialogue for a change. good link
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    Okay, I think we definitely need a sarcasm emoticon/smilie.

    It's getting hard to tell if someone's being sarcastic. I take it you're not, phatmonky. <crossing fingers>
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    I was/am being serious :smile:
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    I'm glad you like it. I do, too. :smile: I like hearing from the people and not just their politicians.
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