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Level Curves

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    hi... I am new to this topic and frustrated.

    I have a curve f(x,y)= -3y/(x2 +y2 + 1)

    I was asked to draw a level curve of this and I'm not getting anywhere with it. If anyone has any pointers, or can help me with solving this question I would be gretfull. The only other thing this question asks is to describe it at the orgin or at (0,3) ( which is steeper).

    thanks for any help.
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    Level curves are curves where the function is constant, and equals lets say to a number c.

    So you get an equation


    Rearranging this gives you


    Now you just have to investigate different values of c.
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    That should be [itex]c(y- 3/(2c))^2[/itex]. That is, that leading "c" should be outside the parentheses.

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