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Level of Math

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    I've decided I want to go to school and start taking some math courses toward an electrical engineering degree.I basically want to work on desktop's and laptop computers.My question is what level of Math should I stop at for an electrical engineering degree? is calculus acceptable enough or should I go higher?
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    The university that you go to will determine how much math you are required to take in order to graduate with a degree. At the university that I go to, Virginia Tech, as an electrical engineer you are required to take multi-variable calculus, differential equations, and then a junior-level math course. This math course can compose of basic group theory, all of the way to vector calculus. As well as the "pure math" course that you have to take, a lot of the materials in electrical engineering will require Fourier and Laplace transforms. Of course, other universities can differ, but no matter where you go, you will have to go beyond basic calculus.

    Also, since you want to work on desktop's and laptop's, maybe Computer Engineering might be a better option?
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    I assumed it was the same area of study,my mistake.And thank you for the response.
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