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Level Winch Mechanism? Or not?

  1. Oct 31, 2012 #1

    I have been working on a project requiring me to lift a 370kg load through a height clearance of 30m. to do this, my team and I have designed for a frame and also utilising a winch system.

    the issue arises with the fleeting angle, which is the angle from the winch to the first sheave, which is recommended to be within 1.5 deg. my current winch dimensions is 155mm across, and the maximum distance from top sheave (roller) to my winch is 1.2m.

    i have read that perhaps a level winch mechanism would be able to do the trick, by employing certain diamond screw grooves on a shaft to help to traverse the rope across the drum.

    but i am not too familiar with these. should i even attempt to delve further into these, or is there anyone better solution for this?

    Many thanks in advance,
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