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Levi Civita

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    Hello I am a graduate student and it is my first year in physics. Our instructor showed vector product with Levi Civita symbol and I did not understand the part where the product of two Levi Civita symbols is expressed as Kronecker Deltas. Additionally I did not get the proof on the URL http://folk.uio.no/patricg/teaching/a112/levi-civita/ can you explain these. Thanks for your contribution.
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    now take dot product of two vector products
    (aXb).(cXd), which can be expressed further as
    (aXb).(cXd)=c.((d.b)a - (d.a)b)

    plug in the values of vector product using above equation(which includes levi civita symbols)
    and then finally this would lead to the expression
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