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Lewis Scooter Libby

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    The case has finally come to a close with a 2 1/2 sentence... I don't think so. I'm sure his lawyers will find a way to stall long enough until Bush starts handing out Presidential pardons at the end of his term.
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    Even if Libby ends up in prison, I doubt that he will be doing hard time.

    The link below shows the installation where a couple of Nixon's cronies spent a few years. The tall fence behind the building surrounds the tennis courts.:rolleyes:

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    This would be more suitable, wouldn't it?

    For 2 points, who is this is and from what book? :rofl:

    Edit: You know, it just occurred to me that this probably isn't going to be a very hard question.
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    Carroll's hatter, from "Through the Looking Glass".
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    Close. The King's Messenger in Prison from "Through the Looking Glass".
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