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LF: witty flirty comeback

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    ok, well I'm still hanging out with that girl I was posting about before. I still have no idea what's happening, sometimes she's all distant but others she's all flirty, like today we were out for lunch, it was her me and a friend, and she was touching my feet/legs with her shoes, and my shoes with her toes.
    Anyways i'm just kinda taking it easy with her now, and I'll see what happens. We were out playing pool the other night and a few times I would brush up against her or touch her with my que and she would say "did I SAY could touch me?" in a sarcastic, flirty tone. I need a comeback for this, she kinda stumped me the other night, and there's a good chance that this'll happen again, so I need you creative geniuses here to help me look better than I am and help me with a witty remark to make the next time this happens :wink: :smile:
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    You touch her with your cue? :uhh:

    In that case, you could say - "Oops, sorry, I left my curved cue stick at home." :rolleyes:

    If your brushing up against her, that seems kind of deliberate. Is she reciprocating?

    Once upon a time, long, long ago, I washed dishes in one of the dorms at university. I worked with a really nice girl whom I had known for some time from previous classes. Anyway, one evening while finishing up the dishes after dinner, she and I were working side by side. We both reached in opposite directions and my arm brushed her left breast. I was caught off-guard and quite embarassed, but she turned up and looked at me and smiled. However, I was dumbfounded, so simply apologized. Perhaps at that point I should have taken in my arms. We did start dating after that, but I took a leave of absence the following semester and we parted ways. Oh, well. :rolleyes:
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    Do you really need to consult Physics Forums to help with this?

    Are you going to cite us when you use the provided witty comeback? What do you think she'll think of that?
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    :rofl: Aww...c'mon, give the kid a break. Haven't you ever been in need of a witty comeback that just wouldn't come to mind at the right time?

    Though, actually, I wouldn't recommend a witty comeback at all. I'd just answer with, "I can stop if you want." If she really is annoyed by it, she'll tell you that's what she wants. If she's flirting, she will either continue sparring, or will be quiet. Now, when you have a real problem, like getting in an argument in the middle of the dance floor at your prom, let us know. :wink:
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    -Sorry, I was pointing you out to a friend; He wanted to know which cute girl I was talking about the other day.
    -No, but may I touch you?
    -Do I need your permission?
    -I guess the chalk (?) that I put at the end of this thing is just attracted to beautiful women

    The main thing is to have fun with it and not worry about it. Let the lines flow naturally.

    edit... There are way too many play on words in your situation. I don't want to get too graphic, but I am sure you can come up with something good.

    Holes, Balls, Wood, Stick, this is just begging for some sexual line. Yet I can't seem to find anything great :cry:


    Maybe this?

    -I was thinking of which hole to shoot (aim, maybe) for next :wink:
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    I think you think about this girl far too much.

    Have fun and don't stress over it.
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    :rofl: Yes, pool is a very suggestive game. Great for flirting. Also great for wearing a loose-fitting blouse and leaning really far over the table. :uhh: :blushing: :uhh: Or so I've been told.
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    lol, of this I am sure. try and stop me though!

    Yes, i definately wasn't playing a very good game, too many, uh, distractions :biggrin:
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    That only happens when you have a rubber on too tight... hence the term 'anticlimax'.
  11. Jun 19, 2006 #10
    well....that was graphic
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