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LG (ATA,IDE) DVD-raw driver

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    i purchased a new LG (ATA,IDE) DVD-raw driver today but i have a big problem and it is like this :

    my computer specification is like this : 1) CPU celeron 2000 MHz
    2) ram 256 MB
    3) 20 GByte hard disk
    4) win xp sp2
    5)nero Es
    this DVD write can copy CD easily (in 5-15min)
    but when i try copying any DVD its takes about (67 hour,03 Minuit ,40 SEC):confused::grumpy::mad:

    but on another PC [cpu:2.400,ram:750mb,hard disk:40 GB,win xp sp2,nero Es
    ] it takes only 15 min and i am getting crazy because of this....:surprised:cry:

    so plz help meeeeeeeeee:smile:
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    Re: Dvd

    You only have 256 MB of memory and you are running XP? I didn't think that was possible. You probably are having to use nothing but virtual memory which is slow in comparison to RAM. The other thing you don't mention are the particulars of the DVD burner on both machines. What are their respective write speeds?
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    Re: Dvd

    I've run XP on machines with as little as 128Mb of ram (just testing hardware). Given, it was slow as all get out, but it functioned. You're probably right about the low amount of RAM causing the slow down. RAM gets gobbled up when your burning DVDs. If the RAM get tapped out and starts to encroach on virtual memory, it can slow down the system to a crawl.
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