LHC Collides at 7 TeV

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    What the title says...
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  3. when can we expect to see a higgs(in terms of energy ranges)?
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    30 minutes and no black hole yet? I feel cheated.
  5. It's been really exciting, though the webcast was crappy
  6. "And boom goes the dynamite" :rofl:

    All kidding aside, this is fantastic! This is even on the front page of CNN... particle physics as popular culture. We live in a strange and wonderful age, even if it can be a pain in the ***. Go LHC!

    EDIT: Heh, they're having a bit of a drink in the CMS control room. I see a lot of smiles, so I'd say life is good in Geneva!
  7. Honestly, those guys and gals at the LHC are drinking in almost every photo I see of them!

    I had 50 new text messages from CMS, CERN, ATLAS, ALICE, LHCb, LHCf, and USLHC all talking about the new energies. I need to unsubscribe from a couple of those!
  8. 0MG!1 Is the LHC on for realz!?
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  13. It might ruin the aesthetic, but I can't help but think that site could turn a profit with some advertising all around the "NO", if you published the link in the right places. Tell people to check often! :rofl:
  14. :D

    no Angels or Demons yet?

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    Tin foil hats?

    Actually site has quite a lot of traffic (see alexa.com) - I am surprised.
  16. Oh yes, we could do a BRISK business in tin foil! Hell, trust us, it's PF BRAND foil! For the lazy paranoid we could have pre-made caps, or for the deluded soul who still wants to be fashionable, tinfoil lining tastefully tucked away in a 10-gallaon cowboy hat. :rofl:

    As for the traffic... I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I spend too much time with people to even hope anymore. :cry:
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    Long, but very good legal brief by UT law professor up on arxiv:


    There have been some reputable scientists along the way claiming the case against LHC black holes was not full proof; their story and the story of the LHC responders is discussed, followed by in interesting discussion of how the legal system might approach the argument and assess risk.
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  18. I have good friend who is an electrical engineer-turned-lawyer (ghastly, I know, lovely guy though) who is going to eat this up with a spoon. Hell, I'm liking it myself. Thanks mheslep!
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    Hey it was only a joke:blushing: Don't forget that how impressive LHC may be for human
    standards and how high it's scientific value could be. The energies it produces
    are absolutely minute to what occasionally happens above our heads in the

    10 4 eV: Your old television's Cathode Ray Tube
    1012 eV: Large Hadron Collider
    1020 eV: Highest Energy Cosmic Rays in our atmosphere.

    The energy ratio between the electrons in the TV in your living room and the LHC is
    the same as the ratio between the LHC energies and those of the cosmic rays hitting
    our atmosphere.

    Regards, Hans
  20. ...Cosmic rays with single particles with the mass of bloody baseballs sometimes! :laugh: I feel badly for people who suffer over knowledge of the LHC... it's such an achievement for our lifetimes, and it will scratch the itch of curiosity that has driven us before we were homos sapiens sapiens. I call that a net win. :smile:

    The joke is priceless though... really. They could have put "You're reading this, right jack***?!" but they went with "NO". Minimalist. Genius! :rofl:
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