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LHC Predictions

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    Hello all. I am a layperson that is very interested in science. I am particularly intrigued with what results the LHC will produce and how they affect the various existing theories. I was thinking that a central thread that links to and discusses various predictions on what the LHC will find would be useful so that when results start coming out we can see how the predictors fared. I realize this thread might be a bit early since any results will trail the actual start of experiments by months or more, but I am feeling impatient.

    Note: This thread is NOT for discussion/predictions of existential risks involving the LHC, there are other threads for that.

    Below are portions of an article from Seed Magazine that lists various predictions for the LHC (I am unsure of the custom here on this forum regarding fair use, so I won't post the whole article in case that is considered bad form).

    (it says I can't post urls until I have at least 15 posts, below is my attempt to at least get the text of the url into the post for reference purposes- just put dots in place of the spaces)
    www seedmagazine com/news/2006/07/why_a_large_hadron_collider.php?page=all&p=y

    See the article for more predictions. What do you all make of those predictions? What do LQG and string theory predict will happen at the LHC?
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    Hi, and welcome to PF :smile:

    First thanks for the link, very interesting. I guess everybody here will have its own preferences, but honestly it will be difficult to follow up from such great names !

    Personnaly, I was very interested by the fact that Witten did not mention anything exotic, that Weinberg only says he hopes to see more than just the single neutral Higgs (worst scenario), and that Schwarz goes even further, stating he speculates nothing speculative will be found.

    What about unparticles ?

    Maybe the other thread on string/LGQ would have been better for that...
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