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L'hospital's rule

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    I have the equation A

    and I'm supposed to evaluate as k-->0

    I think I'm supposed to apply l'hospital's rule to the second part of the equation, which would give
    which as k-->0 is

    so the whole thing as k-->0 is

    This isn't right, and I also tried l'hosital's rule on the first part of A, which would give 44*t/5 and this isn't right either.

    What am I doing wrong?


    Here's the whole question, in case I'm not reading it right:
    Find the limit of this velocity for a fixed time t_0 as the air resistance coefficient k goes to 0.
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    You have, by L'Hopital's rule:
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    Oh yeah, that 1 should've disappeared from what I found.

    Thanks a lot.
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