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Li-ion batteries

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    anyone have good sources for quality lithium (LiFePO) batts in the 24v 50Ah size? i need something of that size in something like a car batt form factor. i did some gooling around, prices vary widely, i cant ascertain if the vendor makes a quality product, and the types of lithium batts are a-z.

    any suggestions?
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    Wow, those babies are expensive...

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    No idea about batteries fitting precisely your description, but I am more or less familiar with LiPo cells used in RC models. Five 6S 10000 mAh batteries in parallel should do the trick. Yes, they do vary in quality, no idea about which brand is the best for the large ones (you better ask at RC forums). I am using much smaller ones from Turnigy and Zippy and they are reasonably good.
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    i have a vendor who appears to make decent Li batts, integrated electronics too, 24v 50Ah for $388 + UPS shipping.

    24v 50Ah is ~50% of my max watts use for 8hr period. i figured my avg use would be under this 50% #.
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