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News Libertarian Party

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    I give it a 75% chance I vote libertarian,

    and a 25% chance I vote Griffin.

    The party is interesting, but awful extreme. I've always felt if they took a more moderate stance they could really pick up many more people.
  4. Oct 23, 2004 #3
    I don't think they need to be less extreme, I will be voting Libertarian this election, despite the fact that I don't share all of the parties views, if they can pick up a couple of percent from a position as extreme as theres, they can start to create some shift as mainstream candidates shift towards the libertarian party in order to pick up the votes that are there. If Libertarians ever started getting a descent percentage of votes, it would move mainstream american much closer to the libertarian ideology even if they didn't win.

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    i voted for a lot of Libertarian candidates this time. i like their "no government mixing with morality" attitude.
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    I'll agree for the most part with what everyone says. I classify myself as a libertarian, but here's where I disagree:

    Isolationism in a global era is a bad idea.

    Businesses still need minimal regulation.

    Freedoms of speech and assembly should not interfere with the right to lead a peaceful and quiet life.

    Other than that, they're my party.
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